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Home Learning

Home Work 12.2.21


Home work for this week has been uploaded onto Tapestry.

This week we would like you to “Things I Found collage”


This activity involves collecting things and then arranging them. Lots of opportunities to explore the environment around you, indoors or outdoors, and a time to talk about shapes, textures, sizes, colours (Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring Media and Materials).

You will need:
Outside – collect leaves, sticks, grass, a flower, stones, shells…
Inside – collect bottle tops, sweet wrappers, a button, cardboard tube cut into rings, a lolly stick…
A flat surface – like a table
Paper or card
Glue or tape (optional)
You and your child


Homework 5.2.21

We would like you to have a look at the link below which shows you how to make a birdfeeder. You could have a go at making your own one with your family and upload to Tapestry.


Make a bird feeder - CBeebies - BBC


Home work for this week has also been uploaded onto Tapestry.


Home Work 29.1.21


Home work for this week has been uploaded onto Tapestry.


This week we would like you to Explore shadows with your child. You can become Shadow Investigators and learn about light and dark 

You will need:
A torch or lamp
A dark space
White paper/pale sheet
You and your child

Home Work 22.1.21

For homework this week we would like you to make some Space playdough at home with your family! Once you have made the play dough you can then make your own solar system, rocket. You could use it make your name and some numbers or the sounds we have been learning this week.

The recipe for the Space play dough is

1 cup of flour

½ a cup of salt

1 tbs of cream of tartar

1 tbs of vegetable oil

Black food colouring

Glitter to make it sparkle.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Heat ¾ cup of boiling water. Pour into the bowl with the other ingredients. Stir with a fork and then as the water and mixture cools you can use your hands- this enables the die to mix well and evenly. When the dough is completely cooled you can use to create your Space objects. Upload pictures/videos of you making the play dough with your grown-ups and when you have made your creations.

Home work for this week has also been uploaded onto Tapestry.

Home Work 15.1.21


Home work for this week has been uploaded onto Tapestry.


This week we have been looking at the environment and the things we can do to help our planet.

We would like you to go for a walk in your local area as a family talking about what can you see? What can you hear? At home you created a poster on ways we can help the environment. Is there anything we can do outside our home that would help our environment?

Home work for this week has been uploaded onto Tapestry.

Enjoy the chair yoga as a family.

Holiday Homework


Our topic next term is all about Space. We will be having a show and tell time for the children to bring in an object related to space.

They can choose a toy or make a picture or bring in a book to share a space fact.

Homework 4/12/20


Practical Maths!


Can you count? Can you record how many? Can you count in different ways around your home or outside? Can you record in your own way?




How many steps up the stairs?

How many shoes in the cupboard?

How many plates on the table?

How many people in your family?

How much money have you got in your money box?


Post a picture onto Tapestry to show us what you have been counting.





Next week we will be reading a selection of stories from the library service and choosing our favourite at the end of the week.


Please read you favourite story at home and take a picture for Tapestry.


We will look at see which books you all enjoy reading.



The story for next week is Handa's Surprise.

Please can you have a go at making a shopping list. What fruit will you have on our list? Draw the fruit and label it.


The children will have a sheet in their book bag to complete.

Home Work


Create your own Road Safety Sock using the stickers you have been given.

Homework 6/11/20


This week the children have more red words to learn. Please cut out the words and learn by sight.


he we she me be was


You can log onto Oxford Reading Tree to find a book to read over the weekend. 


Go to class log in


The username is Sparrow2021

The password is Sparrow2021


Choose a Read Write Inc book, so you can practice the sounds.







Half Term Homework


Children have some words to learn in their bags, please cut the words up and make into flash cards.

The words are red words which means we need to learn them by sight.


We have also asked the children to share an activity they do over half term by putting it on Tapestry or sending it by email. You can take a picture and write a comment fo us to share with the class when they come back to school.



This Weeks Homework 16/10/20


For homework this week please read the story of The Three Little Pigs.


Talk about the story and discuss why bricks are the best material for a house.



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