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Sports Day - well done to all children for taking part in sports day. You were all fantastic and showed great support to your classmates!

In science, at the beginning of our topic Body Works we looked at how different environments can affect the rate that micro-organisms can grow in. In this lesson we looked at our predictions and then concluded why the bread that contained salt was less affected the the bread we added soil and water too.

Year 6 in their Worry Ninja Workshop: children discussed in groups what they might feel when they were worried and were supported with strategies to cope with their worries.

Granny - children wrote a letter to the police as Joe complaining about how evil Granny is and what she could do next to harm him!

Lot's of children getting stuck in for the Pear Crumble!

Children from Willow Class enjoying their finished piece! Some children even asked for seconds!

Some of our Year 6s joined force with the Croydon Met Police and became Junior Roadwatchers for the morning! They absolutely loved it (as did the class teachers)!!

Ice Cream as an end of SATs well done to all the children!

The children are absolute superstars this week for making us so proud in their SATs! You have worked so hard to get to this point and you have all truly smashed it! Well done all - we made it!!!

Year 6 looking fantastic in their red, white and blue colours to support the coronation!

On Wednesday, we went to the Horniman Museum. It was lovely to see how engaged all the children were!

Day 4 - coldest day, “Should I change my shoes?”

Day 3 - more activities!

Day 2 - Children climbed to the sky and showed how resilient they were!

Day 2 - both Rae and Jesse celebrating their birthdays on Residential! Happy birthday girls (the cake was lovely)!

Day 2 - Morning activities finding more bearings!

Day 1 - children became adventurous in the Forrest adventure and children enjoyed exploring the woods getting their bearings!!

17.11.2022 - Children created posters after they researched who invented the lightbulb!

21.10.22 - Some of our Arctic tents!

W.B 03.10.2022 - In Art this week, Children created their own Arctic scene using blending and shading techniques that they had learnt!

W.B 12.09.2022

Our persuasive leaflets to save the Polar Regions!

WB 12.09.22 Our persuasive leaflets to save the Polar Regions!

In Literacy Skills, children are exploring what they already know about Neil Armstrong!

30.09.22: PSHE - last week children created learning charters for the classroom!

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Pupils, families, community: learning and working together

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