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Photos from week beginning 11th July 2022. Just a little bit of maths.

Photos from this week beginning 4th July 2022 - a little bit of P.E practising our balancing skills, some French - naming characters from a story and retelling the story, and lastly some topic/maths where we built pyramids and worked out each layer was a square number.

Photo's from the week beginning 27th June 2022 - practicing our circus skills in the circus workshop, working out with Olympic athlete Ryan Scott and some of our newspaper reports about the death of Tutankhamun.

Photos from the week beginning 20th June 2022 - P.E practising stopping the ball in different ways, Maths, measuring in ml an l, and finally computing learning how to use nearpod software to find out about powerful emotive vocabulary.

Photos from the week beginning 13th June 2022 - P.E taking part in the Jubilee dance workshop and learning a routine, Topic - hot seating and a bit of drama all about the life of Howard Carter, making pyramids and in maths using balance scales to find the mass in grams and kilograms of different objects.

Photos from the week beginning 7th June 2022 - some from the Jubilee day - helping put the time capsule in the ground and some of our activities, topic - finding out about the Egyptians and wrapping up a friend as a mummy, Maths - lots of measuring in cm and m. We each threw a bean bag and then had to measure the distance it went.

Photos from the week beginning 23rd May 2022 - lots of science investigations and our class photo for the jubilee time capsule.

Photos from the week beginning the 16th May 2022 - playing the ukulele, finding symmetry in shapes, learning all about 2D and 3D shapes, constructing nets of 3D shapes and sorting out words into different word classes.

Photos from the week beginning the 9th May - Maths - finding angles, Music - playing the ukulele, Topic some of our narratives (although not quite finished yet).

Photos from the week beginning 3rd may 2022 - French - guessing the food item from a cafe, P.E using the spring board to jump and computing using turtle logo pen up and pen down tool to draw a picture.

Photos from this week beginning 25th April 2022 - French - a mini beast scavenger hunt, Topic - learning all about renewable energy and Maths - recognising coins and making the same amount with different coins.

Photos from the week beginning 19th April 2022 - Computing - learning how to use logo turtle and give instructions to create a square. Topic - learning all about compass points and map symbols, then going on a scavenger hunt to locate map symbols using a compass.

Photos from the week beginning 28th March 2022 - visiting the school library, using the new i-pads and some of our work.

Photos from the week beginning 21st March 2022 - Topic - Science - classifying animals and humans according to vertebrates and invertebrates, learning all about the functions of the skeleton and the name of the bones. We also looked at how our muscles help us to move and work in pair.s

Photos from the week beginning 15th March 2022 - some maths and topic. Visit from the chicks that hatched in reception class.

Photos from the week beginning 28th February 2022 - some French where they were learning the names of animals, topic where we were learning shading techniques before creating a still life sketch, maths where we are learning about fractions and some of world book day.

Photos from this weeks learning 21st February 2022 - Topic - sorting foods into the five food groups, making a healthy packed lunch and our new topic title pages, maths solving correspondence word problems and literacy skills using a dictionary and thesaurus to discover the word stroll.

Photos from the week beginning 24th and 31st January and 7th February - Topic - showing the testing of our earthquake proof structures on a bed of wobbly jelly, some of our newspaper reports about the San Francisco Earthquake and our investigation into categorising different types of rocks. Also making sedimentary rocks using different types of grated chocolate to understand how they are made with different layers. Take a look at our dress to express, planting our seeds and some French.

Photo's from the week beginning 17th January 2022 - In topic we were using atlases to locate countries that have earthquakes and learning all about how an earthquakes are measured. In P.E we were learning how to hold body shapes in dance and how to use high knees in a balance.

Photos from the week beginning 10th January 2022, some music, topic, phonics and computing.

This weeks learning 5th January 2022 - photos of our new topic - creating out title pages, creating a volcano and using an atlas to find out where volcanoes occur in the world. We also practiced what to do in case of an earthquake.

This week 13th December 2021- A little bit of everything, dodgeball in PE, Party games, Christmas dinner and some Topic.

This weeks learning 6th December 2021 - practising our cartwheels, handstands and forward rolls in P.E and creating our Iron Age Torcs.

This weeks learning 29th November 2021 - Learning how to stay safe online in our computing session, creating a leaflet about Hillforts and a double page spread about life in the Iron Age. In PE we were practising working with a partner and putting together a series of different rolls. We used the chromebooks to research ancient jewellery and designed our own Iron Age torc.

This weeks learning 22nd November 2021 - In P.E we were looking at different ways of rolling. In computing we were looking at online communication and creating a tally chart and using chart software to create a bar chart to show online useage. In Topic we played a game of pass the parcel to unwrap the features of a text and had a game trying to guess what the features were for. We also compared life in the Stone Age and Bronze Age to life now. In maths we used silver coins to make compliments to 100.

This weeks learning 15th November 2021 - odd sock day, PE - practicing two footed and one footed jumps, computing - learning how to bookmark a page and create some Stone Age cave art using the paintz app, topic - some of our diary entries, creating our Stone Age cave art and learning how to trade Bronze Age style!

This weeks learnings 8.11.21- a little bit of everything