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Pupils, families, community:
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Photographs and videos of children

Educational Purposes


We take photos of children regularly to record achievements in school (e.g. a Reception child writing, or a child receiving a certificate in assembly). All images are stored securely on our academy network and are used for display purposes within school or as a record of evidence.


For instance, during an inspection we use images as evidence of activities taking place.


Learning folders are utilised as a record of evidence throughout the school.  We use photographs and videos (if the facility is available) to evidence your child’s learning. 


These images are taken for educational purposes and are processed on the basis of the public duty of our academy to educate our children; therefore consent is not required to be obtained.  We may include group photographs to show a group activity.  We will ask for your consent to show your child in a group setting as this means that other children will appear in the photograph in the learning folder.


Evidencing and sharing achievement & learning


We like to share what we are doing on our website and class blogs. Children love to see themselves on our website and enjoy sharing this with their family, especially other relatives. There are currently images in the learning section of our website and our class blogs showing examples of activities in school.  There are also galleries of images from recent residential trips.


If we put images on our website, we have some specific rules:


  • To avoid identifying a pupil by name (unless for a specific reason, such as an award or recognition, and in such cases, only using a first name)
  • Only to show images of pupils fully clothed


Parents do have the right to withhold consent for pictures of their children to appear on the learning section of the website and class blogs, which are in the public domain. 


Parents/carers have the right to have an image removed at any time.  If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the office and they will record this and remove the photograph.


Use of photographs by third parties


On occasions we are asked to provide an image for publication beyond our website (e.g. in a newspaper). On these occasions we would allow a group situation, such as children working together in a classroom or playing outside.


We would ensure that, where a parent has specifically asked for no images to be used in the public domain, that child is not in the picture. If an image is required of one or two children together, or names are required (e.g. newspapers often request first names), we would contact the parent on that occasion to discuss this and obtain consent for the publication of the personal data.  We would only ever allow first names to be used.


Photographs taken for the purposes of marketing and promotion


We refresh the photographs on our websites on a rolling five-year basis.  We will use a professional photographer to take these pictures and we will let you know in advance when these photographs will be taken.  We try to ensure that these photographs are reflective of all the children in the academy and inevitably some children featured may leave school less than five years after the photographs are taken.


Therefore to ensure that your consent for marketing photographs remains valid after your child leaves the academy, we extend the consent for a period of 4 years after your child has left the academy.


Trusted third parties that we work with, for example providers of educational software, may request a photograph of children for use on their own website.  In this specific instance we will only use professional photographs taken for the express purpose of marketing and promotion.  We will additionally contact the parents of the children in the photographs to inform them of the request and confirm that they are happy for these photographs to be used.


Photograph taken by parents


We will continue to allow parents to record images at school events such as sports days, concerts, and productions, provided these are for personal use and pictures involving any other children are not shared on social media sites.


Withholding and withdrawal of consent


If you do not wish your child’s photograph to be published, please indicate this on the consent form, and we will ensure that your child’s photograph is not published in the public domain.


If you wish to withdraw your consent for photographs of your child to be used in the public domain, please email at any time and we will record this for you.

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Pupils, families, community: learning and working together

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