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Home Learning

Home Learning - 3.3.23


As you know we had the ducklings and they have now gone back to the farm.

For home work this week we would like you to write a sentence and draw a picture about what your favourite part of having the ducklings was and why? eg "I liked cuddling the ducklings because they were so soft and fluffy."

Please let your child use their phonic knowledge. It is fine if they do not write it correctly as long as it is written phonetically. eg they may spell because like "beecos". this is fine at this stage as they are using the phonics we have taught them.

We look forward to see all your lovey writing

Home learning - 20.1.23


For Home learning this week we would like the children to draw/make and write about their favourite jungle animal.
Next week we are moving our topic to a warmer climate so we can compare and contrast the difference places. We will be looking at the different animals that live in the jungle and talking about why they are the colour they are, what do they eat and what makes the jungle environment different to the a cold Arctic/Antarctica environment.

It would be great if you could bring their fantastic work in as we will display them in our new jungle themed roleplay.

For phonics this week we have put in a sound mat with all the Read Write Inc sounds and letters on them.
We would like the children to practice their letter formation, They have all tried and have been doing amazingly in phonics but now we need to ensure the formation of the letters is correct. On the sound mat there is a rhyme to help them remember to help form the letters. Please ensure they use a pencil and paper as this is what they use in school and this is what they find a bit trickier.
If you have any questions please do contact us via email or you can catch one us on the door at drop off or pick up.

Homework - 13.1.23


For Home Learning this week. We would like the children to practice their addition.

We have been making number sentences and then writing them down. We have been talking about the 3 rules we use to count,
1. Count everything once.
2. Count in order.
3. The last number is how many there are.

We would like the children to find a variety of objects at home eg 4 cars and 3 lego and then follow the steps above. They can then say the number sentence and then write the number sentence down.
If you want to challenge your child. You can practice counting on. Which would mean you giving them a number, eg 5 and then giving them 4 cars. You would say we put 5 in our head and show you the 4 fingers, then using their 4 fingers tap 6,7,8,9 on their nose and saying 9 as the answer. Counting on is a hard concept for them as it is not right there in front of them and we will be doing a lot of this over the rest of the year. However some of the children might want to show you what we have been doing at school and what we will be continuing next week.
The counting 1:1 correspondence is what is important. Sparrows especially know, Mrs Turner is really not very good at this, which is why we need to keep practicing!
Some of them may be able to say the answer without doing the 3 steps but it is still important they learn the process and can show their workings out. We would like to see at least 3 number sentences but if you want to really impress us and show us how fantastic you are we always get very excited to see your fantastic number work.

We look forward to seeing all your fantastic number work.

The phonics folders have also been given out today. Depending on what sound your child is on, will depend on the sound they have in their folder. Please do not worry if your child has sound they have already. We are aware of this. Phonics is not a race. Again, it is a hard concept and we need to ensure that each and every child has differentiated phonics based on what will support their reading and writing.

Homework - 25.11.22


This week we had a very special surprise in Reception! We found two, very large eggs in our classroom! we talking about what might be in them and where they might have come from. we then got a letter asking us to look after the eggs, but we are not touch them or the magic will end. The children made posters to ensure other adults and vistiors didnt touch our eggs! The children also decided that there must be dragons inside the eggs as they were so big!
For your home learning this week, we would like you to think about how you could train our dragon. Mrs T urner and Miss Wakelam do not want naughty dragons flying around the classroom! Can you imagine!
Please write a list, using yourphonics so that we can train them next week and make sure they are very sensible dragons.

Homework - 11.11.22


This week for your Home Learning we would like you to practice writing your numerals to 10 and finding different amounts to 10 at home. For example, you might find 9 pieces of pasta, or 5 toy cars. You can take photos of what you have found or you can draw what you have found.

As always please read at home each day and continue with the phonics folder.

Homework - 4.11.22

This week in class we have been look at different celebrations. We talked about birthdays and then we looked at Diwali and the differences and similarities between the celebrations,

For homework this week we would like you to listen to the fireworks that you will hear over the weekend.
We would like you to create a picture showing the fireworks and the different colours you will see and then we would like you write words that describe the sounds of the fireworks e.g. crackle, bang, pop.

All the children have been learning phonics and are beginning to use their phonics sounds in their writing. It is really important that your child writes what they hear. So for example if your child is writing 'pop' they might just write this 'p p' this is great as it shows they are hearing the first and last sound in the word.
We are not expecting the children to write every word correctly it is about them using what we have shown them to independently write. Some children will just hear 'p' in 'pop'. This is also fantastic. Some of the children will also 'mark make' and say it says 'pop'. This is also ok, it is about building their confidence, praising them for having a go. If you have any questions please do come and speak to us.

Homework - 14.10.22

For homework this week we would like you to create a picture of all your favourite fruits and vegetables. You could draw them, paint them or you could cut them out of a magazine, make a collage. As always be as creative as you want to be! I have added some images to inspire you!
We would like you to have a go at writing the sounds especially if the fruit or vegetable starts with an 'a' or 'm' as these are the sounds we learnt in phonics this week and you all did such a fantastic job. Make sure you remember when writing them 'm' is 'Maisy mountain mountain' and 'a' is 'a a apple'

Homework - 7.10.22

Next week we will be looking at the different seasons.
For homework this week we would like you to go on an Autumn walk. Whilst on your walk you can have a look and notice all the crunching of the leaves and all the different colours you can see. Please can you bring in a couple of items you find interesting that you can show your friends on Monday eg a conkers, a leaf etc.
You can also take lots of photos and upload them to Tapestry.

Homework - 30.9.22


For your very first Homework we would like you to create your very own Pirate Treasure Map!

We would like you to bring these on Monday so we can show our friends and have them displayed in the classroom.
you can be as imaginative as you want!

We look forward to seeing all your fantastic treasure maps! Remember 'X' marks the spot!

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