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Home Learning

Summer 2 - Week 4 - Home Learning Task


Your home learning task is to explore Busy Things.  This is an online subscription that we have for all pupils in the school.  Year R have had their log in details sent home at the front of their reading diaries today.  
Access this via  
click 'log in' and then click the 'LGfL' log in button, enter your child's username and password.  

This week is just an explore, going forwards the children might be set specific tasks to complete.

Ensure you save this log in as it will their log in for MS Teams, TimesTables RockStars, NumBots and much more as they progress through Rushy!

If you have any problems logging in or can't find your child's details, we usually ask you to contact Rushy Tech Support at             However, I am actually the Rushy Tech Support person so you can email me on    or you can use the rushyict email address as this will be the one you can contact me on next year with any tech issues!

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Briggs


Summer 2 - Week 3 - Home Learning Task


The children have started to talk about moving up to Year 1 - most are very excited! On 8th July, the children will go and visit their new teachers and to support this, we have started to include a weekly transition circle time to talk about things we might be worried about. We will create a booklet of all of their questions and the responses and send these home so that you can talk to them over the summer holidays if any questions arise!

We will also add the weekly questions and responses to our class blog so that you can see what was asked each week!

The home learning task for Reception this week is to gather questions to ask your Reception teachers and also the Year 1 teachers. What would you like to know about life in Year 1?!

You can pop us an email with your questions or you can create a Tapestry video or a poster - the choice is yours. As with all Home Learning tasks, there is no deadline to this, so please feel free to send in whenever you would like. Due to illness, this task has been set later than usual so please feel free to take as much time as you need to talk about any questions.

Summer 2 Week 2 Home Learning Task


We have been working hard with the children on what to do in the hot weather eg; 'do not run around or you will get too hot and poorly'.  What else can we do to keep safe in the sun?

You can create a poster or send us a video or write a list of rules!  We would love to share these ideas with our friends in class!

Summer 2 - Week 1


Your home learning task this week is to make your house!  Please can we ask each child to make a 3D model of their house - we will then use these in our small world areas.  Our task for next week is to compare Carshalton with Brighton Beach!  Looking at different geographical features, animals we may see etc etc!

If you have visited Brighton and have any photographs, please feel free to upload these via Tapestry and we will share them with the class!

Summer 1 - Week 3:

This week we have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel. We have been retelling the story together and we have learnt some BSL (British Sign Language) to help us tell the story. Using BSL also helps us to remember the story. 
For your homework this week, we would like you to show your grown ups and your families the signs you have learnt to tell the story of Hansel and Gretel.  You could see if you can teach them some of the signs we have been learning!  This will give you great practice for when we write the story next week! 
You can upload videos of you telling the story on Tapestry as we would love to see them! 

Summer 1 week 1

This week we have been looking at the story of Cinderella. We have read the story and talked about the different things that happen in the story and all the new vocabulary we have learnt.

For homework this week we would like you to design your own shoe. It can have different materials and different patterns. Once you have drawn and designed your shoe you can then write about it.

Why did you choose that material? What do you like about it? What does it feel like?

Please bring in your shoe next week.

You can be as creative as you like!

Spring 2 Week 4


This week we were lucky enough to have our chicks hatch. We enjoyed holding them and watching them run around.

For homework this week we would like you firstly to think of some names for our chicks and then we would like you to think of ways we can look after our chicks. What will they need? How can we help them to grow? Please draw a chick and then write about it underneath.

Spring 2 Week 3


This week we have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

For home work this week we would like you to write about a part of the story that you liked the best. We would like you to draw a picture and then write about it. This could be labelling your picture, writing a caption or a sentence. Please upload your picture and writing to Tapestry so we can show the class on Tuesday. 

Spring 2 - Week 1:

"The Big walk and wheel, formally the Big Pedal is back the week of 21st of March to the 1st of April. Please do try to use a sustainable form of transport to come to school during this week, you could walk, cycle, scoot, roller skate etc. there is even a chance to win some great prizes. Last year our school came 13th out of 5000 schools, I would love it if we could do even better this year.

Kind regards Mrs Green, School Travel Champion"

For homework this week we would like you to design a poster for the Big Walk. Mrs Green is holding a competition for the best poster. They will be displayed around the school for everyone to see and a prize will be given to the winner!
Please bring your poster to school before the 11th March and we can pass it on to Mrs Green.

We look forward to seeing all your amazing posters. I know Mrs Green will really enjoy seeing them too!

Also in your child's book bag you will find a questionnaire with a covering letter. Miss McDonagh is kindly asking if you wouldn't mind filling this out for a research module she is currently completing for her studies. If you could place the completed questionnaire in your child's book bag I know she will be very thankful in your support for her studies.



Spring 1 - Week 3:


Reception have been using a part part whole model to help to add 2 groups together. We might say:  I have 3 apples, put 3 apples in the first part (first circle).  Then I get 2 more apples.  Put 2 apples in the second part (second circle).  Remind me what I have: 3 apples and 2 apples.  Can we write this as a numbers sentence: 3 add 2 equals ???  3 + 2 =   Let's move all of the apples to the whole (large circle at bottom).  How many apples altogether?  Let's count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Can we finish the number sentence now?  3 add 2 equals 5, 3 + 2 = 5.


Some of our Reception friends have been counting on.  We used the part part whole method to support this too.  Before we move the 2 parts down to the whole, we remind ourselves how many in the first circle and put our whole hand covering the objects.  Then we count on each object individually on the second object.  So for these apples, we would say THREE, four, five.  We will try to upload a video on Monday so you can see what this looks like!











Autumn 2 week 6

This week we have been practicing our nativity "Fairytale Land Nativity Show". 

For homework this week we would like you to sing one of the songs to your grown ups. 

If you have a speaking part you can practice your lines with your grown up too.


Autumn 2 week 5

Next week we will be looking at The Christmas Jolly Postman. In the story the characters are all fairytale characters who get post from each other. For homework this week we would like you to think about a fairytale character eg Goldilocks and then write her a card or a letter. 
You can upload to tapestry and bring in on Monday as we would like to see them and display them 

Autumn2 week 4


For homework this week we would like you to watch the story below. We would then like you to retell the story to your grown ups. You could change your voice depending on what character your playing. 

You can upload a video or pictures to tapestry we would really enjoy watching them with our friends at school.



Goldilocks and the three bears - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council - YouTube

Autumn 2 Week 3


For homework this week we would like you to go on a number walk. You could walk around your house and see what numbers you can or you could go for a walk outside and see what numbers you can find. 

What different numbers did you see?

Autumn 2 week 2

This week we have been looking at The Three Little Pigs. We have talked about the story and we have acted out the story. We changed our voices when different characters spoke. When we played the wolf we made our voice deep. When we were the little pigs we made our voice high. 


For homework this week we would like you to make your own puppets from the story and then retell the story to your family telling them the story of The Three Little Pigs. 
You could upload a video of you retelling the story or a picture of your puppets. 

We would love to see your puppets in class so you could bring them in to school too.


We have also provided reading books this week. Please can these be returned each day. They will be changed on the Friday. 

Autumn 2 Week 1

Next week we are going to be reading The Three Little Pigs. For homework we would like you to draw a picture of the three little pigs and have a go at labeling them. Remembering to use your 'Fred Talk' and all the sounds we have learnt in phonics. 
Please upload your pictures to tapestry. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Autumn 1 Week 8

Next term we will be learning about celebrations. We will be exploring all the different celebrations that we celebrate, whether this birthdays, Eid. Diwali, Christmas or Easter.


Over the half term we would like you to think about all the different celebrations you celebrate or will be celebrating soon. You could draw pictures of the special things you will eat, any special ornaments you display etc.


We look forward to seeing all the different things you celebrate!


Over half term we ask that you also continue to practice phonics. 


We hope you have a lovely break and please do share any special days you have or anything that you think your friends would like to see when we return in a week. 

Autumm 1 Week 7

For homework this week we would like the children to have some fun reading a story book in an unusual place. For example they could read their book in the bath, on a trampoline or on a climbing frame or their favourite place. We want to promote a love of reading. Reading should be fun and enjoyable.
Please upload your photos to Tapestry. We will be printing them out and displaying them in our book corner for all the children to see. 


Autumn 1 Week 6
Next week we will be looking at the autumnal story of Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.


For homework we would like you to go on an autumn walk and collect a variety of natural objects that we can use in class. We would like to see some photos of your walk or a drawing which shows the variety of colours from your walk.
Please bring a variety of leaves, conkers, acorns etc in with you on Monday and we will use them through the week as we explore our environment.


Please upload photos to Tapestry as we do look as a class at the homework on a Monday morning and the children always enjoy showing their friends their hard work and learning at home.

Autumn 1 Week 5


Next week we will be continuing to look at our families. 

We would like to know if you have any pets and draw or take a photo of your pet. What animal is it? What does it look like? 

If you do not have a pet you could think about what pet you would like if you could have a pet and draw a picture of it. 

Please upload to tapestry. We look forward to seeing all your pets! 

Autumn 1 Week 4 


In class this week we have been using IPads to take photos of each other and things in our learning environment.


For homework we would like you to photograph/draw/describe or video any technology you can see in your homes and upload your photograph/drawing/writing or video to Tapestry. This could be a phone, tablet etc. 


This will then be shared with the class during our technology lesson on Thursday.


Autumn 1 week 3.


Next week in class we are going to be looking at our families. 


For home learning this week we would like you to draw a picture of who you live with in your home.


You could label your picture and count how many people are in your home. Please upload a photo of your drawing to Tapestry.


We look forward to seeing your lovely drawings.



Autumn 1- Week 2- We have really enjoyed meeting the Wrens and Sparrows reception children this week and seeing all the learning that has been happening within the classroom.


For home learning this week we would like you to make a video with your grown up and talk about what you have enjoyed most about this week! Please upload your video to Tapestry.

If you prefer, you could draw a picture of what you have enjoyed this week and upload a photo of the drawing to Tapestry instead.


We are looking forward to seeing all your videos and pictures on Tapestry.









Autumn 1 - Week 1 Task: we would love some more photographs for our home corner and know that the children would love to see themselves and their family on the wall on their classroom!  Please pop us an email with a family photograph and we will mount it on the wall of our home corner!

































Remote Learning - Spring 2 Week 2 - wc 1.03.21

Remote Learning - Spring 2 Week 1 - wc 22.2.21

Remote Learning - Spring 1 Week 6 - wc 8.02.21

Remote Learning - Spring 1 Week 5 - wc 1.02.21

Remote Learning - Spring 1 Week 4 - wc 25.1.21

Additional documents to support learning this week have been added to the files in Tapestry.  Daily activities can be found in the 'activities' section in Tapestry.

Remote Learning - Spring 1 Week 1 - week beginning 4.1.21

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