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Home Learning

Home Learning

Autumn 1 - Week 3 Homework:


Maths Homework:

Times tables;

It is very important that the children keep practicing their times tables at home as well at in school.  By the end of Year 4, all children across the country are expected to know their times tables up to x12 and at Rushy we extend that to the division facts also.

For home learning this week, we would like to ask the children to create a times table poster to display around the classroom.  This could be writing out one of the times tables facts and colouring it in with big and bold colours.  Or perhaps you could create a display about one of the tricks you use to learn your tables – we have started learning the trick for the 9 this week! Please can this be on A4 paper but with big, clear writing.  You can email it to us at or hand it in by Thursday in the green homework folder.


Reading Homework:

Please try to read at least 4 times a week and record  progress in the purple reading record. The children have asked to earn raffle tickets for home learning so if there is at least 4 entries each week AND it is signed at the bottom of the page by an adult, then they will earn a raffle ticket.


Times tables Homework:

Please continue to time tables online using Times Tables Rock Stars and J2Blast.  We suggest at least 10mins 5 times a week will be most supportive.


Spelling Homework:

Children are welcome to practice any of the groups of spellings on J2Blast!  Tests will be on Thursdays and new spellings sent home on Fridays. 


 Please note, this has been taken from the school website and this is where you will be able to get it front each week - Home Learning | Rushy Meadow Primary Academy


Week 3 Spellings:
















Autumn 1 - Week 2 Homework:


English Homework:

Animal research.  

The children are really enjoying their topic on Thunderous Rainforests and it has been noticed that they are all especially interested in the animals that live there.  For their English homework this week, we would like the children to research one animal that lives in the Amazon rainforest.  We would love to put these up on display so please can we ask that this piece of work is limited to one A4 sized piece of paper.  Children are welcome to complete this electronically and email it to the Holly class email address or hand write it and pop it in the green homework folder.   Homework is to be handed in by Thursday 22nd September, and there will be a lunchtime homework club on Tuesday for those who need it (please let us know if your child needs to attend this on a weekly basis)


Reading Homework:

1) The children all have one book that is their 'reading for pleasure' book.  They will change this every Monday and complete their daily reading book review on this book.  We are trying to encourage the children to keep the same book for the whole week.  Children are given time every day to complete the book review, but they are more than welcome to add to this review at home also.  The children log into MS Teams ('Student log' in on the website home page) and select the 'assignment' to complete.

2) Some children will also have a RWI colour banded book to read at home.  This book is linked to the phonics they will be supported with at school. Please try to read this book at least 4 times a week and record their progress in the purple reading record.


All of the children will now have a purple reading record to take home.  There is an expectation that children are reading to an adult at least 5 times a week and that this is recording the purple reading record.  Some of the children in Year 4 are now mature enough to write in this themselves and have it signed by their parent / carer at the end of the week.  (Some of the children will still need a lot of support with this.)  You are also welcomed to use this book as a communication tool as we will be checking this twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays.  

Children will be heard read at least once a week, although this will not usually be recorded in the reading record.  The Year 4 team will only write in this when we have made changes to your child's reading level or if we need to communicate something else special about their reading.  


Times tables Homework:

Children will bring their daily fluency tests home and we encourage them to practice these at home also.  At the end of Year 4, there is a statutory Year 4 multiplication test.  This is an online test and children get about 6 seconds to answer each question - we recommend that children spend at least 10 minutes a day on their fluency in times tables.  

Children can practice their times tables online using Times Tables Rock Stars and J2Blast.  Time is given in class to practice on both of these platforms also. 


Spelling Homework:

All of the children will come home at the end of each week with new spellings in their green homework folder.  The children have been grouped into 3 spellings groups: Mrs Briggs, Miss Sloly and Miss Maclaren. 

There will also be additional activities linked to their weekly spellings (wordsearches, handwriting etc).  The children can chose to complete this if they would like to - a variety of methods to learn weekly spellings is hopefully supportive for all!  Please also continue to use J2Blast to practice spellings - it will be updated every Friday also.  Children are welcome to practice any of the groups of spellings on J2Blast!























Autumn 1 - Week 1 - Homework:

Each week, you will be set homework which consist of: spellings, reading and then either a maths or an English task.  Homework will be set on a Friday and due to be returned on the following Thursday.  Homework will be set via this home learning section on our blog and also via MS Teams.  There will also be a voluntary homework club on a Tuesday for those of need it - children can just turn up when needed. 

Children will receive reading homework the following week once they have their colour banded reading book.

This week, we have sent home a spellings sheet and have linked the spellings below.  You do not need to hand in your spellings sheet.  We also suggest using J2Blast to help to practise spellings also - we have been enjoying this a lot this week!

For your maths task this week, we would like you to take a photograph of 4 digit numbers.  Where might you see 4 digit numbers?  Read the number to your adult and then email a picture to Holly Class:






Home Reading

There is no purple reading diary coming home in Year 4 (yet).  Today (Tuesday 6th September) the children have chosen a home reading book that is not linked to their reading colour band, it is just for them to enjoy!  Later in the week, they will also get their colour banded reading book and reading diary.  We will change reading books every week / fortnight in class together. 

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