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Pupils, families, community:
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June News

June has been a month full of exciting events!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our events this month, including: Come and Be Nosy sessions for pupils from Reception to Year 6 and Sports Days for KS2 pupils.


We enjoyed a wonderful Sky Arts ‘Access all Arts’ Week, during which pupils explored: Sounds, Mark Making, Poetry & Story Telling, Film and Movement & Drama. Thank you to the many school staff who supported in planning and running this event, including Mrs Sandiford, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Beecroft, Miss Gelly and Mr Ashmead.


Led by Mrs Green and Miss McDonagh, a number of students represented Rushy Meadow at Borough Athletics. The children were all a credit to the school, showing sportsmanship and resilience, and we won a medal!


The rest of the term remains busy, please see below for key information:


School Gates

Please could you remind pupils not to enter through the automatic gates in the morning until 8.35am. We have noticed a number of pupils queuing up before 8.35am and using the play equipment in the KS1 playground.


All absence must be reported to the office via the absence voicemail box. Even if you have spoken to the class teacher or a senior leader, you must report absence to the school office.


Parent Voice:

Thank you if you have managed to complete this already. We are very keen to hear from all parents before the form closes on 6th July, see email.


Celebration of Work:

Monday 10th July – parents of pupils in all year groups are welcome to come into your child’s classroom at normal dismissal time. This will be an opportunity to celebrate your child’s work with them by looking through their books and the displays in their classroom. Our school governors have also been invited to this event and are looking forward to seeing all of the children’s hard work from the year.
If you have children in multiple classes, please collect children first. You may then enter through one of your child’s classrooms and move internally between rooms.


Community Projects:

The nursery mound has been cordoned off in recent weeks. Although many Rushy pupils will have fond memories of playing on this mound, it has grown outdated and no longer fit for purpose. We are aiming to remove this mound to create more space for nursery pupils to learn and explore.

1st Hire in Sutton has kindly offered to provide us with a digger free of charge on both Saturday 22nd July and Sunday 23rd July.

We are now looking for parents who are able to give up some time, even if only an hour or 2 over that weekend to support with shovelling and redistributing the soil elsewhere on school grounds.

Following feedback from parents, we are able to offer a creche service in the school hall for Rushy pupils between 9am-3pm on both days.
If you are able to help, sign up on email.

*We will be arranging the painting project for the Autumn Term.


End of Term:

Friday 21st July – please note finish times on the final day of term:
Nursery pupils: normal finish time
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2: finish at 1.30pm
Year 3, 4, 5 and 6: finish at 1.35pm




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Pupils, families, community: learning and working together

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